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Making Dallas Even Better

This Vacation Is a Long Road to Nowhere

If you must go see Vacation, make sure you arrive early enough for the opening-credits sequence, which features an amusing montage of goofy random family photos taken from the Internet, set to the familiar sounds of Lindsey Buckingham’s “Holiday Road.” Those few minutes set a gleefully mischievous tone that never pays off in this raunchy […]

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John Green’s Paper Towns Shoots For the Stars But Misses

While it might be dressed up with precocious pearls of wisdom and a working knowledge of contemporary suburban high-school social circles, Paper Towns revisits some pretty familiar coming-of-age territory. The latest adaptation of a novel by John Green (The Fault in Our Stars) deals with lingering memories of a first crush and the bittersweet transition […]

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How Realistic Are the Fight Scenes in Southpaw? Victor Ortiz Would Know

Victor Ortiz has been a world champion, fought on boxing’s largest stages, and gone head-to-head with Floyd Mayweather. Yet there he stood, on the set of Southpaw, amazed at how the line between fact and fiction was being blurred before his eyes. Specifically, he was riveted by the authenticity of watching Jake Gyllenhaal play a […]

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10 Must-See Dallas Documentaries

Dallas has a lot of stories to tell. It could take a hundred films to tell all those stories — about the city’s history, its music, its sports teams, its legendary characters. For now, let’s take a look at 10.

We decided to spotlight some documentaries about Dallas that were released in the last five years (so no Thin Blue Line), but the list is by no means comprehensive. Let us know if we missed any Dallas docs worth seeing.

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Schumer Finds Path to the Big Screen Paved With Laughter, Pain

When comedian Amy Schumer opened up about some family and personal issues during an interview with Howard Stern a few years ago, she had no idea that filmmaker Judd Apatow was listening in. “I was just trying to promote some road dates,” Schumer said during the recent South by Southwest Film Festival in Austin, “so […]

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5 Films to Catch at This Weekend’s Asian Film Festival of Dallas

The Asian Film Festival of Dallas may be the most under-appreciated festival in a region that has become crowded with film fests over the past decade or so. Perhaps it is because it happens every year in the heat of the summer, offering the perfect excuse to spend a weekend huddled away in the cool confines of a movie theater, but also at a moment in which this city’s cultural activity all but grinds to a halt.

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The Aging Detective Still Has Sleuthing Skills in Mr. Holmes

While the game is still afoot for the legendary sleuth, it moves a little more slowly in Mr. Holmes, an absorbing character study from director Bill Condon (Dreamgirls) that proves again the timeless appeal of Arthur Conan Doyle’s venerable gumshoe. Those seeking a classic Sherlock Holmes mystery need to look elsewhere, but this more intimate […]

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