Raunchy Sex Tape Lacks (Metaphorical) Balls

Stars Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel lay themselves bare in this raunchy comedy about a married couple in need of spicing things up in the bedroom. Unfortunately their sacrifice of overexposure comes in the service of a screenplay that creaks and wheezes like the sweaty labor of some surgically modified, over-the-hill porn actor — and it’s about as delightful to watch.

Annie (Diaz) and Jay (Segel) have lost their sexual spark, as exhausted as they are at the end of the day after working and raising two children. Annie is a mommy blogger and Jay has a vaguely defined job that requires him to make and sync music playlists and attend concerts regularly. Somehow this affords them a spacious, idyllic Los Angeles home and the luxury to go through iPads like disposable napkins.

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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Isn’t Monkeying Around (Sorry)

I’m suffering from dystopian-future fatigue. After the Hunger Games films and Divergent, The Walking Dead and Elysium, Oblivion and the latest X-Men movie, I’ve had enough of decimated and decaying urban landscapes and stratified class systems and alien or robotic overlords.

So Dawn of the Planet of the Apes had one strike against it very early on.

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