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Making Dallas Even Better

It’s the End of the World As Z for Zachariah Knows It

How do you make a convincing post-apocalyptic drama on a shoestring budget? In the case of Z for Zachariah, you write a character-driven script that takes place in the wilderness. Plus, this emotionally grounded adaptation of the science-fiction novel by Robert O’Brien showcases complex performances by three established stars that help to compensate for some […]

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We’re All Invited to Dallas Star Linda Gray’s 75th Birthday Celebration

When the actress Linda Gray, a native Californian, was cast as Sue Ellen Ewing in the late ’70s, her character was a bit part on what was supposed to be a five-episode miniseries. But Dallas exploded, becoming one of the most popular and iconic shows in the world. Gray became famous, Sue Ellen—the well-coifed, long-suffering, and perpetually drunk wife of Larry Hagman’s devilish J.R.—became notorious, and the Ewings and their home on Southfork Ranch became synonymous with the city. Gray’s memoir, The Road to Happiness, released this month to coincide with her 75th birthday, reveals details about her first and only marriage, her sister’s death from cancer at age 43, and the sexism she faced on the Dallas set. We chatted with Gray about her lasting friendship with her co-stars, the joy of returning to Dallas in 2012, and when it’s time to put a beloved character away.

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For Some Reason, Nobody Shot Down This Remake of Hitman

Raise your hand if you thought Hitman: Agent 47 was a sequel to the 2007 film of (almost) the same name. Nope, this is actually a remake of the video-game adaptation about a cyborg assassin, which in this case is a trivial distinction. In following its predecessor, it’s a slick high-tech thriller that essentially trades […]

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Marielle Heller on Filling the Void For Coming-of-Age Movies About Female Sexuality

Marielle Heller grew up in San Francisco during the 1980s. Bel Powley was raised in England almost two decades later. Yet both women felt a deep emotional connection to Minnie, the sexually charged protagonist in The Diary of a Teenage Girl. Powley stars in Heller’s directorial debut as an aspiring artist during the early 1970s […]

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How Straight Outta Compton Gets to the Roots of West Coast Gangsta Rap

As much as N.W.A. helped to transform hip-hop culture by introducing the sounds of West Coast gangsta rap, the group’s more important legacy might have been social rather than musical. That’s a conclusion theorized by Straight Outta Compton, an epic biopic that sparks to ferocious life more often than it falls victim to watered-down melodrama. […]

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