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Making Dallas Even Better

The Would-Be Heroics of Free State of Jones Fail to Inspire

If Newton Knight (Matthew McConaughey) is the hero that Free State of Jones would like us to believe he is, he deserves a better movie than this clumsily composed effort from director Gary Ross. Thing is I’m not sure Knight is that hero, and I felt that way even before reading the uncertainties raised on the real-life Knight’s Wikipedia page.

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Documentary About Attacks on Gay Men in Oak Lawn Gains New Meaning After Orlando Tragedy

Last September, Blake Rasnake was walking in Oak Lawn when he was struck with a bat on the left side of his head. He was pulled into a van, pinned down with a pair of knees on his shoulders, and punched in the face repeatedly. As he was thrown to the sidewalk, Rasnake was bombarded with derogatory comments, called a “stupid fag.” He survived, but it was only the first of 18 reported attacks against gay men in Oak Lawn in about nine months.

As the number of attacks increased, community members began to hold rallies throughout the neighborhood. It was at one of the rallies in October that Steven Pomerantz decided to film the movement and turn it into a documentary, Taking Back Oak Lawn. The film, which premiered in April at the USA Film Festival, originally started out as a platform to address the attacks, but ended up snowballing into a story about a bigger movement within the city’s LGBTQ community, to stand together and restore a sense of safety to the neighborhood.

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It Doesn’t Take a Genius to See Literary Drama’s Flaws

Thomas Wolfe was repeatedly told by his trusted editor that his manuscripts were too long and rambling, filled with extraneous details and irrelevant tangents. Curiously, Genius is almost the opposite. This period drama chronicles the true-life partnership between the emotionally unstable novelist and the more level-headed literary editor who shepherded his rise to prominence in […]

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Doc Reveals How Weiner Lived Up to Every Possible Joke About His Name

The media loves a good political scandal, and nobody serves them up better than Anthony Weiner, the disgraced former Brooklyn congressman with the unfortunate name whose infamous sexting escapades ruined his career. A new documentary called Weiner was supposed to be a more sympathetic look at a charismatic young politician whose leadership abilities and policy […]

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