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Peter Simek is the arts editor for D Magazine, where he manages, edits, and serves as the primary movie critic and reporter for FrontRow. Before coming to D Magazine, Simek launched the well-loved, if short-lived, Renegade Bus, an online journal that brought out-of-the-box perspectives to Dallas life and culture. He also wrote for D Magazine and D CEO on topics ranging from soccer hooligans and insurance detectives to the pedestrian friendliness of the Dallas Arts District. Simek covered Dallas City Hall; helped launch Oak Cliff People; and wrote about movies, classical music, and opera while on the staff at People Newspapers.

The Art Events This Weekend Not Happening in Miami Beach

Wait, you’re still here? What are you doing? Get on your computer, buy a plane ticket, and get yourself to Miami! It’s Art Basel week, and I, for one, can’t figure out why I’m sitting in cold Dallas when the entire art world is about to descend on the sunny beaches of southern Florida.

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