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Peter Simek is the arts editor for D Magazine, where he manages, edits, and serves as the primary movie critic and reporter for FrontRow. Before coming to D Magazine, Simek launched the well-loved, if short-lived, Renegade Bus, an online journal that brought out-of-the-box perspectives to Dallas life and culture. He also wrote for D Magazine and D CEO on topics ranging from soccer hooligans and insurance detectives to the pedestrian friendliness of the Dallas Arts District. Simek covered Dallas City Hall; helped launch Oak Cliff People; and wrote about movies, classical music, and opera while on the staff at People Newspapers.

Why Sarah Hepola Needed to Write a Memoir About Getting Sober

Even though Sarah Hepola edits personal essays for Salon, she didn’t start off wanting to write a memoir. The frequent D Magazine contributor wanted to report on the science behind the blackouts that haunted her years of binge drinking, disturbing experiences in which she would suddenly lose her short-term memory but continue to carouse for hours, often indulging unknowingly in behavior that ranged from the ridiculous (mooning friends in college) to the dangerous (waking up in bed with strangers). But as she wrote, Hepola realized the topic was too interwoven with her own life’s story. That set the stage for her new memoir, Blackout: Remembering the Things I Drank to Forget (Grand Central Publishing), which is powerful and troubling precisely because its story isn’t very out of the ordinary and is perhaps all too relatable for some readers.

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