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Making Dallas Even Better

Peter Simek is the arts editor for D Magazine, where he manages, edits, and serves as the primary movie critic and reporter for FrontRow. Before coming to D Magazine, Simek launched the well-loved, if short-lived, Renegade Bus, an online journal that brought out-of-the-box perspectives to Dallas life and culture. He also wrote for D Magazine and D CEO on topics ranging from soccer hooligans and insurance detectives to the pedestrian friendliness of the Dallas Arts District. Simek covered Dallas City Hall; helped launch Oak Cliff People; and wrote about movies, classical music, and opera while on the staff at People Newspapers.

The Future of the Dallas Arts District

About 35 years after the idea was born, and hundreds of millions of dollars in public and private investment later, it feels a little late to challenge the Dallas Arts District with the real question that needs to be asked of it: is the idea of an “arts district”—a place where we stick all of our city’s best arts institutions into one segregated area—even a good one for Dallas?

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Can Anna-Sophia van Zweden Keep Pushing the DSO’s Soluna Festival Forward?

In its second year, the Dallas Symphony Orchestra’s Soluna International Music and Arts Festival is a smorgasbord of cultural experiences, with dance, chamber music, symphonic performances, visual and performance art, and even a newly commissioned score by Grammy-winning musician Pharrell Williams all falling under the festival’s umbrella theme, Myth & Legend. We spoke to Anna-Sophia van Zweden, director of festival advancement and daughter of DSO maestro Jaap van Zweden, about her vision for Soluna and how the recent news of her father’s ascent to the New York Philharmonic may affect her Dallas-based activity.

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This Week’s Art Events: Dallas Art Fair Edition

From openings at the Power Station and the Dallas Contemporary to shows at Beefhaus, Shamrock Studios, and Culture Hole, for an art lover there’s no better week in this city for art ogling than the week of the Dallas Art Fair.

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