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Jackson had an intimidating grasp on a wide variety of music, and I personally considered him one of the best music writers in North Texas and beyond.

Local Music Writer Lee Jackson Has Died

Dallas-based music writer Lee Jackson has died at the age of 38, according to a post by a family member on his Facebook page and friends that have spoken to the writer’s family.  There was also a memorial post from his former experimental music website, Foxy Digitalis, for whom Jackson freelanced. A call to the family went unanswered.

Jackson was a prolific writer whose career stretched back to the hard copy zine era. He worked with noted Swedish musician and writer, Mats Gustafsson, on the Broken Face printed journal. The fanzine, which Gustafsson edited, ran from 1998 until 2003 and was considered influential in the world of experimental, psychedelic rock, and folk music. Those genres became a more prominent commercial force in the 2000s, which makes Broken Face now seem rather forward thinking. Dallas’ own Bedhead featured prominently in the second issue.

Although Jackson kept a Duncanville address off of Rock Springs Rd. for receiving correspondence during his time as a writer for Broken Face, he listed Austin as his chosen city by the time printing folded, according to a January 2004 selected playlist.

Jackson had an intimidating grasp on a wide variety of music, and I personally considered him one of the best music writers in North Texas and beyond. In recent years he maintained his own music blog called Womblife. On that site, a retrospective of favorites from 2011 had to actually be split into two categories, “Top Pop” and “Top Metal.” A quick look reveals he was well-versed in both.

I didn’t know Jackson very well, but he was always a friendly presence at shows, whether they were at the Granada or House Of Tinnitus. He seemed to lack the ego that often accompanies writers and fans who knew as much as he did.

I had this to say about Jackson on FrontRow last year, when he was trying to raise awareness about an event in conjunction with Houston entity, Nameless Sound:

 …however a lot of credit is due to local writer and experimental music expert Lee Jackson, who originally tipped me off.  Jackson writes for his own site, Womblife, as well as fringe art chroniclers, Foxy Digitalis.  Jackson said he was also helped by Houston’s Dave Dove, founder of Nameless Sound … Texas is lucky to have both Dove and Jackson looking out for the artistic health and sophistication of their state.

More information to be posted regarding memorials or benefits as it becomes available.

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UPDATE: We’ve turned off the comments. Have some respect people.


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  • thats_so_jenny

    lee if this is fake, you’re a jerk. but if it isnt, lee was a very good man, he had a good heart. he was smart and passionate and very special. i didnt know lee that well but he touched me in many ways. unfortunantly never sexual. lee was so much more than most people gave him credit for, and if he has passed on then he will be missed.

  • dave

    so………how did he die?

  • Michael Chamy

    Quoting Ned Raggett (longtime scribe fro the All Music Guide) on a tribute page set up on Facebook: “Early Sunday morning, March 26 2012, our good friend and companion Lee Jackson died due to complications from ALS, also commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. Lee’s friendship, warmth, grace, enthusiasm and much more have since been missed terribly by family and friends, even those from many miles away who never had the chance to meet him. Above all, we simply miss him first and foremost, and are all crushed at his leaving this world so suddenly.”
    Stay tuned for ALS benefit/tribute shows in Austin as well as Dallas, and even a special digital music compilation with all original material. It’s also for charity, and it’s gonna be a good one.

  • Jonathan Scott

    Lee interviewed me in 2005 for the zine he wrote for Broken Face and I considered him a good friend. His knowledge of all things music and his passion for the stuff he loved, inspired me. He championed my band when very few people were. I will miss him a lot.

  • LawyerSmyth

    This Big Joke Lee Is Sick Ans Demented So It’s Obvious He’s Going 2 Return or Be ” Ressurected”. On April 1st (Notice It’s April Fools Day)

  • jon from indie chat

    Damnit LEE how the fuck did you die?! I knew Lee since back in early ’00s on the Yahoo Indie Chat that was cool until yahoo got overran by bots.. he was the nicest guy and honestly i owe most of my music taste to him.. he showed me a lot of great bands and got me into great stuff i would not have heard of otherwise.. a friend from our old chat recently told me through another means that Lee died.. I’m really upset about it. I even talked to him Feb 19th and I told him that I was hoped he was doing well.. he thanked me and said that he was. I wish I knew what happened to him. Lee was one of the good honest, endearing, types of people that.. good people like. It’s terrible we lost this man.

  • Bella

    WTF. Is this serious? Also, ignore those rude comments. They’re by a 14-year-old named Aubrey who spends all her time in chat capitalizing every word she types. Everyone has her ignored but she keeps coming back anyway. NO LIFE.

  • warpedselfimage

    First, I have to say, Lee, you died on my 21st birthday, literally….so, I’m going to remember you forever. Second, I think you incompetent retards from chat should respect the dead. You’re all freak of natures that should burn in H E L L…..How can you even have the sense to comment on this and type the ridiculous slander you’re typing?!??! Are you all that stupid? You do REALIZE it’s illegal and harassment what you’re doing right? Good luck with trying to erase what you already started. Idiots. Rest in peace, Lee. I obviously didn’t know you very well, but I knew enough that you were a good person and it’s honestly sad that you’re gone. You will be truly missed. You’ll still be that person that made me laugh so hard that one time…..(rubber foam hand and golf club hand)

  • doom_or_gtfo

    You were a great person who left us too young.

  • http://nothing travisisntboring

    L :( <3

  • Jonathan

    Is this the Lee from Yahoo! Chat Punk:1 room? If so, Rest In Peace. You deserved a break from life.

  • paroxysm

    I can’t believe you are really gone. I’ll miss you Lee. You were a great chatter.

  • Courtney

    I had a love/hate relationship with Lee for over a decade, He wasn’t always easy to get along with but he had the right intentions.
    Rest easy, dude.

  • Natts4x

    is lee really dead? this is weird because he was in the room a few days ago and he seemed fine but if he has truly passed he may rest in peace

  • http://yahoo sap_o_negative

    It’s hard to believe you’re gone. Lee was one of the more interesting people to talk to, really knew his information when it came to music/film & always had something interesting/obscure to recommend that would always turn you on to something new. On point & could always hold a conversation quite well about anything, rest in piece & shine on you crazy diamond.

  • Rick

    I’m absolutely crushed by this. Lee has given me a lot of wisdom and a solid friendship, I consider him a great mentor.

  • Claire_concept

    I too knew Lee from Indie:1 and just heard the news from another chatteor. It’s such sad news Lee was Indie:1’s daddy. Although I haven’t spoken to him in years, I still have fond memories. Rest in peace Lunar. You were just tops.

  • PleaseStop

    @LawyerSmyth – You are being disrespectful. Lee has passed away. Please stop posting disrespectful comments.

  • Keleigh Nichols

    Yes…..unfortunately Lee has passed. He had been diagnosed with ALS and suffered a collapse at his home. He was quite ill and continued his support of music. PLEASE keep his family in your prayers and your comments genuine. He was a beautiful man that will be greatly missed for many reasons. Thank you for your support of him and his family.

  • red

    We’ve had our ups and downs Lee but I truly believe you are a good person. I’m so very sorry to hear of your departure. You will be sorely missed my friend. RIP.