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Making Dallas Even Better

  • Bruce in Dallas

    I say Howdy. All the time. Many Aggies do. We were taught that in school. Love the recap.

  • oh lord

    let’s just get one thing straight – philip is not a stylist. he works as a concierge/dog walker at the W residences. if it’s not clear from watching the show, the entire thing is fake. fabricrated. not even close to true.

  • Kostelny Fan Klub

    This show saddens me beyond belief. I canceled Logo. Many people spend thousands of hours and millions of dollars working tirelessly to promote Dallas as a dynamic, forward thinking town that knows how to do business with a smile. Now, we have to compete with trash like this and Most Eligible. Incredible. Taylor is a pitiful, sad, drunken little pill popper that falls in love with anything wealthy that pays attention to him. Ask anyone in the GLBT community what they think about these village idiots. The Black Connie Chung Phillip even publicly dismissed HIV as a disease for poor dirty people.

  • Liz

    I still need to watch the episode, but really, you’ve never heard the term “Dallitude”? I find its mainly used by folks from Texas (but not Dallas) to basically call us jerks, haha.

  • TG

    Merritt’s taste is unimpeachable, which is why I’m mystified by her complimentary portrait of Levi. Did not get “hot” or “gorgeous” or even appealing from him. I mean, obviously everyone on the show meets a base level of attractiveness, but Levi did not stand out for me as anything special.

    i did like that one of the guys — Phillip, i presume — called the girl “Barbie”

  • Ryan

    So damn happy Merritt is doing the A-List Recaps – LOVED her Big Rich Texas recaps and news items and this episode 1 outting is great! Keep It Mrs. Patterson and please keep the BRT gossip coming too!!

  • Steve

    yes, Phillip used to hold the door open for me and pick up my dog’s poop at the W…I only see one problem with Levi’s business model…I saw he had shirts with 6″ on them…no one is going to want to admit to that…the rest? a hodge-podge of $40,000 millionaires and the people they interact with are just as pathetic as they are…

  • Dena miller

    Polo attracts all kinds of people. I first met Levi when a regular polo attendee brought him to the club last year. I think he’s coming back for our 7th annual Polo on the Midway event benefiting Hopes Door on Oct. 29th. Prestonwood Polo Club.

  • Rob

    This is the funniest recap I’ve ever read! Freaking hilarious!