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Artist Paho Mann’s Gallery-Engulfing Photo May Mark New Direction

In this exhibition Mann instead gives us a single photograph – the titular “yellow room” – whose large scale envelops The Reading Room’s tiny space. It’s a whopper of a photo: comprised of 35 digital files seamlessly stitched together, and printed 8 x 10 feet so that the floorboards at the bottom of the image are life-size. This scale allows the objects within to be read from the exact perspective of the camera – as though the viewer is actually inhabiting the space.

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Dallas Artist Mattson Plummer is Giving His Work Away—If You Can Find it

While Plummer is known for his production, he has also gained a decent following on Instagram. Under his handle he hosts a number of art giveaways. However, these aren’t your ordinary come-and-get-it events. Instead, Plummer hides pieces throughout Dallas and occasionally in various locations across the state. He then invites his followers to track down the pieces.

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