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Making Dallas Even Better

From Aurora Dallas to Aurora Australis: The Marriage of Art and Tech

As technology continues to saturate more of our daily lives, as it spreads in innovative and unexpected ways, it’s also being used by artists in pursuit of experiential work that transcends what could be accomplished with mediums of yore.

Take Aurora, for example, this past Friday night. In case you missed it (and if you did, I’m sorry) the highly orchestrated event that brought in 80 artists who took over the Dallas Arts District, showing their work on the sides of buildings, in the middle of barricaded streets, in parking garages, on green spaces, and in churches. Many of the pieces consisted of tech-heavy light, video, and sound installations – some of which invited the public to interact with them.

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What to See at Aurora

We’ve been singing the praises of Aurora, the “new media art playground” that returns to transform the Dallas Arts District this weekend, for a while now. I wasn’t living in Dallas during the last, evidently very impressive, edition of the city’s own White Night in 2013. But after spending an inordinate amount of time perusing the work of some of the artists making this thing happen, I can confidently say that I am very much looking forward to Friday night. You should be too.

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Colombian Artist Doris Salcedo Receives Inaugural Nasher Prize

Colombian artist Doris Salcedo has been named the recipient of the inaugural Nasher Prize, a $100,000 award from the Dallas sculpture center given to “a living artist in recognition of a significant body of work that has had an extraordinary impact on the understanding of the art form.”

A seven-member international jury made up of artists, curators, and museum directors selected Salcedo, a sculptor and installation artist whose politically charged work, in her words, aims to “connect worlds that normally are unconnected, like art and politics, like the experience of the lost lives of victims of political violence with the experience and memories of the viewers who approach or contemplate the work.” Salcedo, who is based in Bogotá, will receive the prize money and a commemorative award at an April 2, 2016 gala at the Nasher, according to a press release from the museum.

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