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Making Dallas Even Better

This Man Is Filming Himself Leaving Bananas All Over Dallas

For the last four months, a YouTube user going by the name “Bana Man” has been leaving bananas, often marked with bizarre messages, throughout Dallas. Bana Man has filmed these escapades and shared the results online. The channel description doesn’t shed much light on what’s going on here:

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Dallas Hosts Art For Dumpsters Competition

When you think of art, you probably think of museums, galleries, or maybe street fairs. Now, when you think of art, you also need to think of trash.

Dallas’ Sanitation Services is issuing a call for artists (or of artists) to paint original artwork onto recycling dumpsters as part of their Art for Dumpsters campaign, in conjunction with the Deep Ellum Arts Festival and Earth Day Texas. Until March 18, submissions of dumpster art designs may be submitted online. Sanitation Services is encouraging everyone who passed first grade art to submit designs, so get to work on your best, trashy art.

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Joan Davidow Returns to the Dallas Art World with Site 131

Seth Davidow remembers being dragged around to art openings from a young age. After all, his mother, former Dallas Contemporary director Joan Davidow, is one of the most dedicated and longtime participants in the Dallas art scene. Now they have embarked on a new artistic journey together. Late last year they opened Site 131, a pristine white-cube gallery carved out of a 1950s warehouse a block from the Trinity River, in the Design District. It marks Joan Davidow’s return to curating after a six-year hiatus.

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