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Making Dallas Even Better

Dallas Artist Jeff Zilm Was an Overnight Sensation Decades in the Making

There probably has never been a Dallas-based artist whose career has blown up quite like Jeff Zilm’s. Sure, we’ve had artists mount great exhibitions around the world, win national media attention, and have pieces collected by our area museums. But in about 18 months, Zilm went from working full time at the Dallas Museum of Art and exhibiting in pop-up exhibitions in East Dallas to selling paintings to A-list celebrities. The 58-year-old artist has exhibited extensively around Dallas since the 1990s. His diverse body of work ranges from monochromatic abstract paintings made from emulsified film strips to heady, text-based conceptual pieces. It’s work that’s chic but cerebral—sardonic and often subversive. He has a show this month at the Dallas Contemporary, followed in the coming months by exhibitions at Various Small Fires in Los Angeles and Simon Lee Gallery in London.

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Rumors, Fissures, and New Horizons: 2015 In Dallas Art

I don’t know where you lived the year in the Dallas arts scene, but where I ended up spending most of my time was in the world of rumors, side deals, quite rumblings, murmured plans, and mysteries.

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5 Art Events for Your Weekend

Insiders with Carol Zou at Ash Studios — Dec. 2, 8 p.m. 3203 Ash Ln. Dallas, TX 75226. Artist, activist, community leader, and all around art world gadfly Darryl Ratcliff has launched a new speaking series at Ash Studios called “Insiders.” Here’s the catch: all phones, media, and recording devices are not allowed in the event. The […]

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