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Making Dallas Even Better

Rain Doesn’t Put a Damper on Fort Worth’s Main Street Arts Fest

Despite the gloomy weather, Fort Worth art lovers ventured downtown to Sundance Square this weekend to enjoy the Main Street Fort Worth Arts Festival. The 208 participating artists tucked their exhibited booths under white tents that lined the streets from Thursday through Sunday. A wide range of work included everything from whimsical sculptures of dancers hanging above the crowds to dramatic skyline photographs.

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This Week’s Art Events: Dallas Art Fair Edition

From openings at the Power Station and the Dallas Contemporary to shows at Beefhaus, Shamrock Studios, and Culture Hole, for an art lover there’s no better week in this city for art ogling than the week of the Dallas Art Fair.

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This Man Is Filming Himself Leaving Bananas All Over Dallas

For the last four months, a YouTube user going by the name “Bana Man” has been leaving bananas, often marked with bizarre messages, throughout Dallas. Bana Man has filmed these escapades and shared the results online. The channel description doesn’t shed much light on what’s going on here:

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