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Making Dallas Even Better

5 Must-See Shows in Dallas Theater This August

Although the theater season isn’t exactly in full swing in August, there are a handful of new shows in North Texas that should grab your attention. Here, we round up a variety of productions to catch this month, from darkly hilarious nonfiction monologues to Disney classics. A few must-see shows that opened last month, including Sweet Charity and Motown the Musical, will wrap up their runs soon.

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Uptown Players’ Catch Me If You Can Worth the Chase

Overall, Catch Me If You Can is a fun, candy-coated production that features some of Dallas’ most talented musical theater performers. If you’re burned out on serious works and modern-day retellings, take a seat at Kalita Humphreys and let the Uptown Players take you on a merry chase.

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Pippin Is a High-Flying Hit to End Dallas Summer Musicals Season

All told, Pippin is a fitting end to Dallas Summer Musicals’ 75th anniversary season, bringing the kind of high production value that the Dallas theatergoing audience deserves. And it gives that audience something to think about as the lights go up — when the stage and its untrustworthy players are stripped bare of artifice, what’s left behind is the only truth.

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5 Must-See Shows in Dallas Theater This Month

Because Dallas has a large and in charge theater scene, and summer’s got you feeling adventurous, we decided to take this July’s lineup of new shows and break it down for you. From action to romance, Broadway productions to independent theaters, we found something for everyone.

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Festival of Independent Theatres Returns with Expansive, Risk-Taking Lineup

The festival is a tailor-made setting for risk taking, and assistant managing director Ryan Lescalleet hails this year’s lineup as “a pretty incredible testament to just how expansive the Dallas theater community is becoming.”

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Dallas Summer Musicals’ Dirty Dancing Is Not the Time of Our Lives

Dirty Dancing was a surprise hit in 1987 — a low-budget, coming-of-age story that launched the late Patrick Swayze to stardom and secured its place in the roster of cult classics. So it’s only natural that, in the spirit of Hollywood’s obsession with reimagining everything that was once a hit, the movie was developed as a stage production to cash in on the nostalgia.

This is why we can’t have nice things, Hollywood.

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The Sun Comes Out for Annie in a Return to the Musical’s Original Glory

Since its first inception as a Depression-era comic strip by Harold Gray in the early 1930s, Little Orphan Annie has been giving scores of children optimistic hope in the face of lonely and gray days. Add to that sanguinity an impressive and catchy musical score, and you end up with more than three decades of fan loyalty.

The 2014 remake of Annie has created yet another generation of devotees: A whole gaggle of them made a red-dressed appearance at the Tony Award-winning Broadway tour I attended, which runs at the AT&T Performing Arts Center through July 5.

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Dallas Playwright Explores Police, Race Relations in One-Act Plays

Rockne Ragsdale’s 1979 play about the relationship between police and the black community is getting its first professional production at a time when its themes seem more relevant than ever.

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