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Hands on a Hardbody as Dynamic as its Immobile Onstage Truck

Everyone loves an underdog story, and Hands on a Hardbody gives us 10 of these scrappy fighters to root for. Based on the documentary of the same name, the musical zeros in on a yearly contest held in Longview, TX, where whomever can keep at least one hand on a new Nissan hardbody truck the […]

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Pulitzer Prize-Winner Doug Wright Discusses Hands On a Hardbody

When I’m invited and I know my presence can help the theater sell tickets or raise funds, or if I’m invited to speak in conjunction with a particular play, I try and accommodate it in my schedule. But the production at Theater Three was a no-brainer; Dallas is my hometown, and I grew up backstage at the Quadrangle, playing juvenile roles and acting in children’s theater.

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