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DTC’s Miss Daisy Veers into Fresh New Territory

From her determined, straight-backed gait in 1948, when she argues with her son Boolie (James Crawford) that it was the car’s fault it crashed and not hers, to the uncertain, timid steps she takes in the early 1970s when her health is rapidly failing, Jefferies takes us through the ups and downs of Daisy’s life with her body as well as with her clipped speech.

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Hands on a Hardbody as Dynamic as its Immobile Onstage Truck

Everyone loves an underdog story, and Hands on a Hardbody gives us 10 of these scrappy fighters to root for. Based on the documentary of the same name, the musical zeros in on a yearly contest held in Longview, TX, where whomever can keep at least one hand on a new Nissan hardbody truck the […]

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Pulitzer Prize-Winner Doug Wright Discusses Hands On a Hardbody

When I’m invited and I know my presence can help the theater sell tickets or raise funds, or if I’m invited to speak in conjunction with a particular play, I try and accommodate it in my schedule. But the production at Theater Three was a no-brainer; Dallas is my hometown, and I grew up backstage at the Quadrangle, playing juvenile roles and acting in children’s theater.

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