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The American Tragedy of WaterTower Theatre’s All My Sons

It begins like a Greek tragedy: Cracks of lightning illuminate a figure, wild-haired and wide-eyed, as she stares in horror at the tree in her backyard. In the strobe light’s flash, she is gone and the tree is broken in half.

Arthur Miller’s All My Sons is certainly a tragedy, but a wholly American one. It’s bound in harsh fact rather than steeped in Greek mythology, yet WaterTower Theatre’s version blends both elements to create a satisfyingly solid production of this dramatic classic.

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Prism Splatters Audiences in West Dallas Warehouse

Big ideas with a big cast in a big warehouse—it’s the latest from movement company PrismCo. Founders Katy Tye and Jeffrey Colangelo first developed their company’s namesake show while students at SMU two years ago, and now they’re expanding and polishing it in a warehouse space/art gallery in Trinity Groves.

There are parts of the one-hour show that work—beautifully, even—and there are parts that still seem stuck in undergraduate training. Regardless, it’s a dance/art/music/theater hybrid that’s unlike anything else happening on the Dallas scene, and another step forward for this intriguing, growing company.

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Nothing Ordinary About Debut of Our Productions Dallas

Ordinary Days is the perfect choice to announce Our Productions, a new theater company, to Dallas. Originally formed in 1993 but recently rebooted by Stephanie Riggs, Brad Baker, and Mark Mullino, Our Productions plans to focus on “new works, little-known shows, and re-imaginings of hit productions.” Small and scrappy with a big heart, both the show and the company possess a clear vision that’s elegantly executed with thoughtful choices.

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Dallas Theater Center Scores Touchdown With Colossal

Shows like Colossal demonstrate exactly why Dallas is so lucky to have the Wyly Theatre. The versatile space is rendered nearly unrecognizable by director Kevin Moriarty and set designer John Coyne—and that’s a big reason why Andrew Hinderaker’s football play works so well.

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Our Productions Dallas Brings Something New to an Overstuffed Theater Scene

Our Productions Theatre Co. has produced family-friendly fare in Lewisville and Flower Mound for 23 years. But after artistic director Stephanie Riggs moved from Flower Mound to Dallas, she wanted to do something more appropriate for a city audience. She roped in Mark Mullino and Brad Baker as co-artistic directors and launched Our Productions Dallas in January.

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