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The 25 Things You Must Do In Dallas This June

Let’s just call May a washout. After weeks of rain, we’re optimistic that June will be a kinder, gentler month here in Dallas. It will at least be a fun month, with the Rolling Stones kicking off a summer of giant concerts, Neil deGrasse Tyson making Dallas a little smarter, and a selection of musicals getting our toes to tapping.

Here are the 25 things you must do in North Texas this June.

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5 Reasons to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at the North Texas Irish Festival

If the St. Patrick’s Day Parade down Greenville Ave. is a bowl of Lucky Charms, then the North Texas Irish Festival is a steaming pot of colcannon, a heartier, more fulfilling dish of St. Patrick’s Day entertainment. If you want to genuinely learn something about Irish culture this year, this massive (we’re looking at more than 600 volunteers and 14 stages to pull this thing off, according to organizers) fest is probably your best bet. It also looks like it should be a blast. Here are five reasons to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day at Fair Park this weekend.

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6 Family-Friendly Things To Do In Dallas This March

February’s closing out ugly with school closures and weather the indoors were built for, as icy roads and sleet showers may be forcing families to spend a little too much time together. But March is almost here, bringing with it the lure of later sunsets and warmer weather. We have almost endured another winter, and it’s time to rejoice with the family who made it through with you. Fortunately, there are a lot of family-friendly things to do this month, from dog variety shows to Irish festivals. Here are our picks.

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5 Reasons To Go To Ticketstock This Weekend

How do you get people to come out to see what is essentially a handful of guys sitting around a table, cracking jokes into microphones and sporadically talking about sports? Dallas’ best sports radio station and best all-around talk station (that’s only a little arguable) has perfected the unheralded art of the radio festival. That’s thanks in part to the station’s massive number of listeners—a devoted fan base that is almost Trekkie-like in its knowledge of station in-jokes and lore—but there’s more that makes SportsRadio 1310 The Ticket’s Ticketstock a blast. So whether you’re a devoted P1 or someone who has no idea what that means, here are five reasons to go to Ticketstock this weekend at the Irving Convention Center.

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7 Last-Minute Things To Do For Valentine’s Day In Dallas

Valentine’s Day: That time of the year where couples develop short-term anxiety disorders while the single people stay stress-free… or sulk—but no judgments here. There are ways other than buying a box of chocolate at CVS to swoon your significant other. Here’s to trying something a bit more unconventional for a last-minute romantic gesture this time around.

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5 Things To Do In Dallas for Mardi Gras

Fortunately, there are enough French Catholics, Louisiana exiles, and people who like to party living in North Texas that you won’t have to go too far to find a Mardi Gras celebration. And at least one of these events falls on Valentine’s Day, so feel free to throw that rock at both of those particular birds.

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7 Things To Do In Dallas For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is no longer the exclusive domain of romantic dinners and expensive gift exchanges. There are a lot of ways to find romance, and it makes sense that there are a lot of ways to celebrate a relationship, whether it’s with a new fling or an old sweetheart. With that in mind, here are some of the best things to do with your boo on Saturday.

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