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Making Dallas Even Better

Dallas Composer Chase Dobson Proves Youth Isn’t Wasted on the Young

Chase Dobson hasn’t picked a college major yet, but his career as a respected classical composer is already flourishing. While a student at the Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, Dobson saw his original compositions performed at Carnegie Hall and featured on NPR’s From the Top. Now, this exceptional 18-year-old freshman, who currently lives in a dorm room at SMU, is preparing for yet another milestone in his burgeoning career. While most of his peers are spring-breaking at the beach, Dobson will watch as the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and pianist Lucille Chung give his Piano Concerto No. 1 its professional orchestral debut. We sat down with Dobson ahead of the DSO’s performances of his piece (March 12 through 15) to learn more about this young composer’s musical background and professional ambitions.

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Photo Exhibition Celebrates Black History, Future in Dallas

For Black History Month, Justin Adu wanted to celebrate the people making history today. Every day this month, the artist has shared the photos and stories of young African Americans living in North Texas. A disposable camera in hand, Adu interviewed and photographed 28 people for “The Revolution,” an exhibition at the Texas Theatre next Wednesday, March 4.

Adu met with local activists, writers, entrepreneurs, and other young professionals for the project. What all 28 people have in common is a commitment to community—a desire to work together to make our world a better, more honest place.

We talked with Adu about the photo project, the stories he heard, and the importance of diversity in local art and culture.

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Elevator Project: How Smaller Companies Made It To the Arts District

David Denson, the programming manager at AT&T Performing Arts Center, approached Kyle Lemieux last April. Denson, who had recently taken over as artistic director of Upstart Productions, another roving theater group, asked Lemieux if he would be interested in an idea he was pitching: small, nimble companies producing a piece in an Arts District venue at a previously unheard-of price.

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Writer Will Power Talks New Musical Stagger Lee at Dallas Theater Center

The plot concerns folk heroes—two couples, Billy and Delilah, Frankie and Johnny—and the enigmatic specter of Stagger Lee, who pops up as the characters attempt to make their way in the world.

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‘Punk-rock’ Organist Cameron Carpenter to Play Bach at the Meyerson

To say that Cameron Carpenter’s persona is unique among classical organists would be a gross understatement. He is, in fact, an anomaly: a Juilliard-trained classical organist with a flamboyant, punk-rock image more stereotypically found in an underground Berlin club than on an organ bench in a church or concert hall. Carpenter’s instrument of choice is commonly – and mistakenly, according to him – regarded as religious, conservative, and archaic. Carpenter himself is none of those things; he is vocal about his secularism and passionate about his very radical, very forward-looking, 21st-century philosophies about both the organ and music in general.

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Passion for Documenting War Creates Odd Reunion Between Father and Son

n almost four decades as a war correspondent for two major news networks, Mike Boettcher has been kidnapped in El Salvador and almost died from a roadside bomb in Baghdad. He’s captured it all on camera, putting himself in harm’s way to tell the story instead of becoming the story.

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