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How Vice Palace is Uniting Dallas’ Music and Art Worlds

Arthur Peña has conjured up a spirit in West Dallas. When it started a year ago, he just wanted to put together rad shows and expose musicians to new audiences, as the Oak Cliff native puts it.

“I’m an artist, a painter, so I have that art crowd that always comes in,” Peña says. “The whole point of Vice Palace is to collapse those two worlds together and to bring unity through that.”

Vice Palace, the name of Peña’s roving do-it-yourself music venue, has taken shape in galleries, traditional venues, and warehouses. It’s the vacant warehouses, though, that are Peña’s favorite to work with, embodying his grandest schemes. Having such a large space not only brings out the creativity in him, but also provides the attitude that these underground shows need. In the one year that Vice Palace has existed, Peña’s used 10 spaces. One of them, off Singleton Blvd., was a 35,000-square-foot canvas that rivaled the enormity of Deep Ellum’s newly opened venue The Bomb Factory.

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Concerts to See in Dallas This Week: April 15–21

Prepare your wallet and your eardrums for a jam-packed week of music, of both the live and recorded variety. If you do one thing this week, it should involve making a pilgrimage to a local record store and leaving with something to show for it. We’ve rounded up the best places to celebrate Record Store Day 2015 in Dallas to help you on that front. If you do two things this week, you should go see Sleater-Kinney at the Granada on Thursday.

But why limit yourself? I count 20 reasons (below) to get away from the cold glow of your computer screen and go listen to some live music. Here are the best upcoming concerts in Dallas.

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Where to Celebrate Record Store Day 2015 in Dallas

Aside from the special releases and the positive karma that comes from supporting your local independent record store, Saturday’s also a great chance to hear a lot of free music, and in a few cases enjoy some free food and drinks. Here are the best places to celebrate Record Store Day 2015 in North Texas.

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Why the Plan to Live Stream Concerts in Deep Ellum Should Be Dead On Arrival

The news that online radio station Deep Ellum on Air wants to begin live video streaming shows from every club in the neighborhood—at least one venue is apparently on board, with others being recruited—raised a lot more questions than answers. For example, why would you turn a concert into another tab on your browser that you can open and close in between episodes of One Tree Hill on Netflix?

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The 10 Best Stevie Ray Vaughan Songs: Counting Down the Dallas Blues Legend’s Greatest Moments

Better late than never: After being snubbed for years, Oak Cliff native and blues legend Stevie Ray Vaughan will be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland this month. Vaughn’s many fans didn’t need the validation–it’s not an original observation to note that all the pomp and ceremony of a hall of fame is pretty antithetical to the spirit of rock and roll–but if the April 18 televised induction ceremony helps convert even one person to the Church of Stevie and the Latter Day Blues Guitar, it’s a worthwhile affair.

So before Vaughan, alongside Double Trouble, is inducted, we thought we’d rank the 10 best songs from the blues legend. The hardest part was picking just 10.

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