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Making Dallas Even Better

Concerts to See in Dallas This Fourth of July Weekend

No fireworks show is complete without the accompaniment of patriotic music blaring from your car radio speakers, and we hope you’ll hear plenty of that this holiday weekend. In fact, it should be a record-setting weekend for tunes of the red, white, and blue variety, as the Dallas Winds set out to assemble the largest-ever contingent of piccolo players for a rendition of “The Stars and Stripes Forever.”

However, you shouldn’t neglect the rest of this weekend’s concerts. There’s nothing more American than Billy Bob’s Fourth of July Picnic, or Mitski playing Three Links.

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Ticketmaster Lawsuit May Mean Free Shows for Dallas Concertgoers

If you bought tickets for a show on Ticketmaster’s website between 1993 and 2013, there’s a good chance you have some free concerts in your future. Ticketmaster is shelling out millions in coupons and free ticket vouchers as part of a settlement stemming from a 13-year-old lawsuit that accused the company of bilking customers with deceptive fees.

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Where to Catch Radiohead’s Streaming Event Today in Dallas

Radiohead’s fantastic new album A Moon Shaped Pool has been out online for more than a month now, and will finally hit record stores in its physical formats today. Great news for the many fans who still appreciate a tactile connection to music.

And because Radiohead is only rivaled by Kanye West in unconventional album rollouts, the band is marking the occasion with a daylong audio streaming event at independent record stores around the world. The audio will include recent live recordings of Radiohead in concert and band-curated playlists, and the record stores that have signed on will be giving away gifts via a prize draw.

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