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Making Dallas Even Better

Death Grips Controls Its Chaos at Electrifying Dallas Show

As a live act that’s spent much of the last five years building an unpredictable reputation for no-shows and cancelled tours, it feels like the most radical thing Death Grips can do now is actually perform on time.

The self-described “conceptual art exhibition anchored by sound and vision” did just that Sunday night at Trees, showing up as scheduled (early, even) and firing off a 90-minute blast of tightly orchestrated chaos to a sold-out house. There’s nothing particularly novel about the group’s brand of industrial hip-hop — B L A C K I E has been doing eardrum-shattering noise rap since 2005, and he shows up to his gigs — but Death Grips’ cyber-thrash doom music still rattles harder than most bands at their absolute wildest.

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What Is Dallas Listening To? Spotify’s Musical Map of North Texas

Spotify this week launched an interactive map that assembles lists of the most-played songs in about 1,000 cities across the world. Each 100-song playlist is generated by what the people in a particular city are listening to the most on the music streaming service. To highlight music that is both popular and “distinctive,” Spotify tailored the city soundtracks to represent songs that are getting a lot of plays in one geographic area, and not others.

Instead of several hundred playlists full of Taylor Swift and “Trap Queen,” you get a look at the musical tastes of cities from Taipei to Jacksonville. Chicago might have Chief Keef on repeat while Honolulu vibes to something called Maoli. Spotify says the playlists stem from analysis of “20 billion listener/track relationships,” and it intends to update the musical map twice a month.

So what is Dallas listening to right now?

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Concerts to See in Dallas This Week: July 15–21

Whether you’re using the “Netflix of live music” to binge on nightly shows or waiting for the big-ticket names to come to Dallas, you’ll find a lot to like about this week’s concerts. The unholy union of the Smashing Pumpkins and Marilyn Manson kick things off tonight, and it only gets better this weekend, when Nicki Minaj, Steely Dan, and Elvis Costello are all performing.

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