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Why $kaduf Wants To Be The Biggest Rapper In Dallas

$kaduf sounds like nobody else in Texas, but he couldn’t have come from anywhere else. It’s a point of pride for the Pleasant Grove rapper. His lyrics are intensely personal, turning a microscope on himself and the city he grew up in, but $kaduf’s sound is more New York City circa 1994 than south Dallas in 2015.

Despite his Golden Era influences (he names Nas and Gang Starr as two favorites), $kaduf’s music is clearly forward-thinking. He’s working to re-introduce classic storytelling to a genre that has largely moved away from it, and is breaking a lot of stereotypes about Texas hip hop along the way. According to $kaduf, Dallas has one of the biggest hip hop scenes in the world, but it’s missing a breakthrough artist to truly put the city on the map. When $kaduf says he plans to be that person, we can believe him. Ambition and talent go a long way.

The rapper’s currently working on a self-titled LP, which he says will be a more introspective record than his EP from last year, Groveside The Realest. We sent $kaduf some questions via email to ask him about his writing process, the state of Dallas hip hop, and Big B’s burgers. Read our Q&A below, and catch $kaduf tonight at the Crown and Harp, where he’ll be the featured performer at Too Fresh Productions’ producer beat battle.

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Concerts to See in Dallas This Week: Feb 25 — March 3

March is a great time to be a music fan in Dallas, as many of the thousands of bands following the SXSW star to Austin this time of year tend to make a pit stop in North Texas. We’re maybe starting to see some trickle in ahead of the inevitable spillover. Whatever the reason, there are a lot of great shows in Dallas this week, from a birthday party heavy on local acts to a national pop star with a surprisingly heavy hit. Oh, and Diana Ross. Here are some of the more compelling shows rolling through town in the next seven days.

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The 7 Best Places To Go Line Dancing in Dallas and Fort Worth

It’s the formal structure of ballroom dancing (but more fun) combined with the populist appeal of The Dougie, and it’s about the most Texas thing you can do during a weekend night out. The barriers to picking up line dancing in North Texas are limited. Throw a rock at any reputable honky tonk in the area and you’re liable to hit somebody who could show you the ropes. However, I wouldn’t advise doing that, and you’re less likely to start a fight if you just take a class, something several of the joints on this list offer.

So whether you were two-stepping before you could walk or you’re a flat-footed cowboy looking for some practice, here are the best places in North Texas to go line dancing.

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Weekly Dallas Concert Picks & News: Feb 18 — Feb 24

Like an infectious disease, but with better music, festivals continue to spread in North Texas, a great plague of touring bands and homegrown acts, craft beers and indie documentaries. We are very down with this sickness, and welcome the reign of our new festival overlords. Also, here are the best concerts to see in Dallas this week.

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Photos: Sarah Jaffe, Blue, the Misfit, and Sam Lao at Trees

Sarah Jaffe, Blue, the Misfit, and Sam Lao joined forces for an electrifying show at Trees on Friday, 2/13. The two-hour set celebrated the release of Jaffe’s new EP, Visions, and was an excellent showcase for three local artists at the top of their respective games.

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Edgefest Announces 2015 Lineup

The big eye-catchers: The Offspring, Modest Mouse, Death Cab For Cutie, and Hozier. Yelawolf fills the token rapper role, and the inclusion of mash-up DJ Girl Talk seems like a shameless, if understandable, grab for the electro-kid crowd. The full roster of acts is below. Also, here’s a fun game: Try to find one person of color in this lineup. For bonus points: Try to find two women.

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Guest Playlist: A Valentine’s Day Breakup Mix From DJ Colly T

For Valentine’s Day, we asked Dallas DJ Colly T to make a playlist celebrating the heartbreakers and the heartbroken—for all the folks out there who may not have cause to celebrate a day typically spent with a significant other. Love songs are overdone, anyways. There’s often more emotion, and better music, involved in the end of a relationship.

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