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Dallas Concert News & Review: Breakbeat Lou | Little Beards | Nervous Curtains

News 2015 looks to be a packed year for Nervous Curtains. I heard from lead singer and freakishly talented keyboardist Sean Kirkpatrick that the group will be releasing a slew of new recordings including Con, the group’s third full-length. That’s in addition to Bloodbeat, which Kirkpatrick says is an “instrumental horror film soundtrack.” That sounds […]

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Dallas Musician Gray Gideon Has Died at 30

Gideon worked under the name Beige for his solo material, and his most recent piece of posted music was an instrumental track that can be heard here. The multilayered song is evidence of Gideon’s continued abilities as a meticulous artist, several years after the blinding spotlight that was cast on the music coming out of Denton at the time.

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Dallas Concert News and Review: Dave Chappelle | Pinkish Black | Mesa

News Dave Chappelle is coming back to Dallas, and this surprising last-minute information was announced less than an hour ago. He’s playing two shows at the House of Blues: One on Monday, December 15 at 6 pm, and then a later show at 9 pm. Tickets are on sale right now. Former Handmade Birds’ recording […]

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