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Making Dallas Even Better

Reaction to the Report: Michael Corris, artist, writer, and Chair of the Division of Art, Meadows School of the Arts, SMU

There is an undercurrent to all the recent discussions held in conjunction with the Creative Time visits: who exercises cultural power? Repeatedly, the message that Creative Time communicated was: the artist. This reminds me of Ad Reinhardt’s brilliant complaint, where he asks: ‘Who is responsible for ugliness?’ If not the artist, then who? One wonders […]

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Reaction to the Report: Jeremy Strick, Director of the Nasher Sculpture Center

I was interested to read the Creative Time report, and to follow the response. At one level, the report is inarguable. You can’t take issue with any of its recommendations. At another level, the report’s approach is highly particular, even pointed. It suggests that transformation will follow less from a great new project, a bold […]

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Reaction to the Report: Terri Thornton, Artist and Curator of Education at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth

I’m trying to put myself in the shoes of Creative Time, considering “what” and “how” I would present to a city’s art community that seems to be looking for a road map to success but didn’t fully ask for my help. Many voiced the observation that the report is vague and too polite. I guess […]

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Reaction to the Report: Artist Frances Bagley

The interviews and get togethers that Creative Time coordinated during their visits to Dallas this last year were energizing and cathartic for those of us who participated.  It was good to have an organization with the significance of Creative Time express interest in our community. The report resulting from their investigation, which was recently released, […]

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Reaction to the Report: Artist Richard Patterson

[Ed note: Richard Patterson’s response to the Creative Time report was originally submitted as a comment to Lucia Simek’s response the report, which you can find here. It also addresses comments by Laray Polk that were made in the comments to Simek’s piece. Patterson’s response below has been reposted with some corrections and additions by […]

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