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Making Dallas Even Better

Dan Koller is the managing editor of D Magazine's three weekly newspapers: Park Cities People, Preston Hollow People, and Oak Cliff People. He was one of the founding editors of Quick, where he wrote a weekly column about comic books for three years. His keeps his comics displayed on an old-school spinning rack in his home office, where his sons have easy access to them.

This Week’s Notable Comics: The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Another Crossover

Fear Itself #1 (of 7): Writer Matt Fraction and artist Stuart Immonen bring you the latest blockbuster miniseries that will CHANGE THE MARVEL UNIVERSE FOREVER! Yeah, just like Civil War, World War Hulk, Secret Invasion, and The Siege have all changed the Marvel Universe forever … all since 2006. [Yawn]  Superstar: As Seen on TV: […]

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What Do Riders Read on DART?

It’s hard to ride a DART train these days without invading the personal space of your fellow commuters. Although most people fiddle with their phones, a good number still read books. This is the inaugural edition of a new series of posts on FrontRow we’re calling “Riding and Reading.” Here’s what the people around me […]

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Today’s New Comics (12/08/10)

The Littlest Zombie vs. The Littlest Vampire: (pictured above) OK, surely this one-shot — which San Antonio-based Antarctic Press describes as “Tom and Jerry meets 28 Days Later” — is the zenith of pop culture’s current obsession with zombies and vampires, right? Fables #100: Bill Willingham’s critically acclaimed series about “fables” such as Snow White, […]

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