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Q&A: Lily Allen On Not Reading Your Own Press and Covering Squeeze

That song has a resonance because my mom was really young when she had her first child, who’s my older sister. She came to London and met a guy, and I don’t know. I suppose when I listen to that song I imagine my mom being very young and kind of lost, and at a difficult crossroads in her life. It kind of has a resonance in that sense.

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Q&A: Ken Burns on The Roosevelts

There are values that Americans have and different political parties have different values, but the thing that we all have in common is a concern for people less fortunate and a sense of fairness. What all three [Roosevelts] did, and particularly the two Presidents, was perceive that there was huge income disparity and that the rich were essentially controlling the mechanics of government, and that that was anti-democratic. It wasn’t what the Constitution and it wasn’t what the Declaration was about, and they were trying to find a level playing field in which the ordinary working guy could be on the same footing as the rich and the powerful. Now, that’s never going to happen in the long run, but they did their best in their day and time to make sure that that was at least more level. Eleanor was right there, fighting with them.

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Concert Picks for Sept. 8: Yells at Eels Performs a Tribute To Tim Green

Tracey Yemen | The Grown Folks | Yells at Eels (The Crown and Harp): Tonight’s “Outward Bound Mixtape Session” will feature a heartfelt tribute to saxophonist Tim Green from Yells at Eels. Green was a New Orleans-based musician who had strong ties to the Gonzalez family, the two brothers (Stefan and Aaron Gonzalez) and their […]

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