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Making Dallas Even Better

Jeremy Buller. Credit: Andi Harman.

Jeremy Buller, Frauen, and Ronnie Heart Lead the Weekend’s Best Concerts


Chances are that you’ve seen Denton musician Jeremy Buller on a stage, unassumingly crouched over keys or guitar as a member of esteemed crowd-pleasers John Grant, Sarah Jaffe, or Bosque Brown. He stays quiet and humble, and yet remains one of the most active musicians the city has known in recent years. Soon, Buller will be leaving our clutches to set up shop in the pacific northwest. Tonight at Dan’s Silverleaf is his farewell performance, where he will play four sets with just a small portion of the acts with which he has been associated: Dark Rooms, The Hope Trust, Clay Thrash, and Comrade.
(Full disclosure: I’ve shared an office (and superior Spotify playlists) with Buller over the past few months. The guy will be missed, and is destined for even greater musical endeavors in his new home of Seattle.) — Andi Harman


The Weekend’s shows—


Frauen in live performance. Credit: Andi Harman.
Frauen in live performance. Credit: Andi Harman.

Frauen | De Palma | Mercury Rocket | Hologram Skies (Double Wide): The facts on Frauen—

1. Frauen is a project of musicians Mila Hamilton, Nan Little Kirkpatrick, and Brad Barker.

2. Sean Kirkpatrick is not in the band. He leads a band called Nervous Curtains.

3. Sometimes Nan Kirkpatrick and Sean Kirkpatrick perform in a band called Little Beards.

What a complicated web they have spun for us poor music journalists. Maybe someone could draft out a handy viral-friendly infographic so we can all keep it straight. Anyway, Frauen seem to reach a new place with every show, and they are worth seeing more than once. — Andi Harman

Rob Viktum (Arcade Bar): The friendly faces of the late and great Slip Inn keep the momentum going at their new home.

Future Death | Ronnie Heart | Bummer Vacation (Three Links): I noticed that Ronnie Heart is on this bill, and now is as good a time as any to mention that Heart will be appearing with Sudie, Adam Pickrell, Ryan Stinson, and others for a special event we helped with next week, “A City Under The Influence: Supporting Projects that Benefit Dallas.” It’s basically a small way to throw some seed money at individuals and their creative endeavors on a grassroots scale. It’s a collaborative effort with SMU Meadows Art & Urbanism Initiative, and we’ll have more info for you next week. In the meantime, go to this show for a preview of why we’ve invited Heart and Co. along. — Christopher Mosley 

Saintseneca | Daniel Markham (The Foundry)


Infest | Weekend Nachos | Creator|Destroyer / Mindless / Chest Pain / Lacerations / Mean and Ugly (Vice Palace): Count yourselves lucky for this stacked hardcore bill, as it was moved much closer in towards the city from its originally planned location west of Oak Cliff at Diablo Ranch. The expansive footprint of Vice Palace will be bustling for this all-star line-up configured by scene fixture Jesus Fuentes. — Andi Harman

I actually had to ask myself if this was the Infest, who disbanded over 20 years ago. It is. Don’t miss Chest Pain, whose lead singer was influenced by multiple acts on the group’s label, Slap-a-Ham. — Christopher Mosley

Spiderweb Salon 2nd Anniversary Extravaganza (1200 Ridgecrest Circle): Denton’s poetry collective that has made substantial waves in Dallas is hosting a celebration for their second year in motion. There are always interesting sketches of potentially profound music projects at these events, so grab a swimsuit (there are TWO pools), head north, and open your ears. — Andi Harman 

Punky Reggae One Year Anniversary Party (Single Wide): Congrats to this event for celebrating its first year in existence. What’s their secret? They don’t just play “punky reggae.” — Christopher Mosley 

The Buzzkills / Lizard Police / Verse / Tornup & Berto G. (The Crown & Harp): Show up early for a rap set from Tornup & Berto G. — Christopher Mosley 

The Antlers / Thus Owls (Trees)

The Baptist Generals (Twilight Lounge)


Load-In | Kelly Workman | Roy | Problem Dogg | Sinevil | Quixod  (Andy’s): This looks like a pretty wacky lineup, and Ijust hope the in-between song music isn’t terrible. That’s all I ask. — Christopher Mosley

Mammoth Grinder | Tolar | Modern Pain | Steel Bearing Hand | Sanctum | Pavel Chekov (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios)