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Clarifying Statement Regarding Yesterday’s Matthew Gray Incident (Denton County Improper Cont’d)

Matthew Gray isn’t just a booking person of course; he also is the namesake and lead-singer of his Matthew and the Arrogant Sea project. Apparently the MATAS management wants to make it known that the self-described (by Gray) “weird, indie-pop band” is not involved in any of the booking mishaps that FrontRow reported on yesterday. The full release is as follows. The same Dallas Observer employee (aka “Silent Majority,” and I just adore the Nixon reference. Fitting.) that linked to their own article on the same matter can feel free to do so again today. Says MATAS:

Message To Our Fans And Business Associates

Denton, TX – November 1, 2011 – To our friends and fans, venues,
booking agents, and Denton-dwellers, it has come to our attention the
recent events involving Matthew Gray and Denton County Proper. Please
be advised that the band, Matthew & The Arrogant Sea, has no
affiliation with Denton County Proper. We hope that these recent
events have not tarnished our name or in any way implicated our
involvement with DCP, as Matthew Gray acted independently from the
band. We love Denton and hope you love us for our music. We will
continue to serve our fans and call Denton home.

If you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please contact our
Business Manager, Nicole Ido. []

Thank you.

Matthew & The Arrogant Sea

Photo: Matthew & The Arrogant Sea promo shot

12 comments on “Clarifying Statement Regarding Yesterday’s Matthew Gray Incident (Denton County Improper Cont’d)

  1. Definition:

    Band: /band/

    NOUN: A group of people who have a common interest or purpose.


    Uhhh… Okay? DMag needs to interview the fly that sits on the wall during their next band practice.

  2. This is the second press release attempting to mend the damage Matthew Gray has wrought on other people due to malicious lying, cheating, and deceiving. The first press release was in response to Gray’s EMI conspiracy, where his manager at the time, Freddy Schultz pleaded with the public to accept Gray as literally ‘crazy’ so that it might not affect The New Sabbath Festival turnout. When you forgive and forget, shit happens again and again… Fail + Fail = Fail^2

  3. I pity everyone involved with Matthew Gray personally and/or his business/band dealings…

  4. I’m so glad Denton now has a scapegoat for all things that suck.
    Why are all the Denton bands boring now? Because of Matthew Gray.
    What’s with all the potholes on Panhandle? Because of Matthew Gray.
    Why’d all these awesome bands cancel their shows? Because of Matthew Gray.

  5. Suck a dick Too Scared To Say It, keep your half-baked opinions to your goddamn self.

    I like all the attention… OBVIOUSLY.

  6. Denton County Proper booked Sunnybrook for a show with Akron/Family in February 2012 to be played on the courthouse lawn in Denton. Hmm.