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Making Dallas Even Better

  • Amber024

    Thanks for the blog. I’m addicted to this show. And you’re right, TEAM TAYLOR!!!

  • ifelicious

    You write such entertaining show recaps. I don’t even know where to begin. Ashley is a doll but tragic when it came to the photography and her off-color comment (no pun intended) about Phillip. I agree, the pool party thing wasn’t as huge of a deal as some made it out to be, but I know I’d be heated if someone I couldn’t stand pushed me in the pull. James shows himself to be way more insecure than the person we’re first introduced to. Anyway, I’m addicted and will be watching and tweeting next week. I was one of the celeb bloggers on Logo’s live chat so make sure to swing by their page when the show airs in case I get to do it again! :)

  • Ashley Kelly

    Love it! Keep the blogs a-comin!

  • Joe

    What lake were they at? It sure wasn’t White Rock Lake, judging by the size (and the locale)

  • seito

    umm…you totally glossed over the best part “I can just my forehead filled like yours. And my lips too.” Cut to Taylor embarrassingly curling his lips inwards. That’s some good TV right there.

  • Juan

    Love your updates hope you’ll be back soon. I think Laura is doing a good job, but she doesn’t seem to be Team Taylor. Love that you are TT.