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Making Dallas Even Better

What’s Your Priority? Vote on the Creative Time Recommendations free polls
Which of Creative Time’s recommendations is most vital to improving Dallas’ art scene?

1. A sustainable artist community and opportunities for live/work space

2. Cultural institutions with international reach, innovative programs, and historically relevant…

3. Great patrons who support the creation, presentation, and acquisition of art

4. Mid-sized and small art spaces that support the creation of new and experimental work …

5. Skilled and visionary arts leaders in institutions big and small

6. Excellent contemporary art galleries with international reach

7. Residency programs for national and international artists to create in Dallas

8. Master of Fine Arts programs to train and attract artists

9. Arts education in Dallas public schools

10. Public art to engage broad audiences and activate public spaces

11. Engaged audiences

12. Experienced art writers featured daily in primary news media

13. Civic championing of the arts through policies and urban planning


  • James Michael Starr

    You guys left off the very first one:

    1. A sustainable artist community and opportunities for live/ work space

  • Peter Simek

    Geez, that’s embarrassing. I’ve made the correction, but we lost the first round of voting in the process. Everyone who voted, feel free to vote again. Otherwise, here are the results from the first 23 votes, listed by recommendation number followed by the number of votes:

    2 – 0
    3 – 3
    4 – 6
    5 – 0
    6 – 0
    7 – 3
    8 – 0
    9 – 1
    10 – 4
    11 – 1
    12 – 2
    13 – 3