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UNT Opens ‘Urban Laboratory’ in Downtown Dallas

Here’s some encouraging news on the education front: the University of North Texas has opened a Design Research Center in downtown Dallas, which will “serve as an ‘urban laboratory’ where graduate students and faculty members can spark and sustain design-driven solutions to pressing contemporary problems.” Downtown Dallas needs students and urban sollutions, and Dallas’ art scene needs more engaged artists. This is a welcomed nudge. From director Keith Owens:

 “This urban laboratory is helping the College of Visual Arts and Design answer the challenge for UNT to become a Tier One research university,” said Keith Owens, director of the Design Research Center. “The DRC is just a few blocks from the Dallas Arts District and near several major museums and galleries, the World Trade Center and businesses, so our students will gain rich experience in the hub of Dallas. Likewise, Dallas-based businesses and cultural institutions will have access to a wealth of academic resources offered by the center, which is the first of its kind in the region.”

Photo Downtown Dallas in 1942, by Arthur Rothstein on assignment for the Farm Security Administration

  • Richard Patterson

    I think that is fantastic. Any chance they could move their entire art department down there too? It’s exactly what we need and UNT is probably the right school to do it.

    Great picture of downtown: bars, theatre, pawn shop, furniture store, persoanl loans, hotel, serious cars, life..urban design solutions right there in the picture. Probably a book store tucked in there somewhere, a place to buy tobacco for your pipe, get your haircut and maybe something for the weekend? Surely it can’t be that hard. No real need to build a skywalk suspension bridge over the entire downtown a with a space-age arcade and oxygen station or anything. Just put some bloody shops back. And some 1940’s cars would be nice too. Free street parking for anyone in anything pre-1962 for a whole year. Just for the hell of it.